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Boarding  & Daycare

  • Supervised playtime on our natural grass play areas

  • Doggie pool play time 

  • AC/Heated indoor private nap/sleeping suites

  • Owner/staff on premises 24/7

  • One-on-One playtime can be arranged

  • All activities including One-on-one's and pool time included in Daycare & Boarding prices





Drop off

7:30am- 12pm

Pick Up

3:30 - 6pm*



Daycare: $30 per day

Multiple dogs $25 each

8am to 6pm M-Fr


* $25 late fee incurs for afternoon boarding pick ups

Boarding-All Inclusive




Pick up's  before 12  pm (no add'l charge)


Pickups after 12 pm will be charged  an additional daycare rate ($25)


Dogs staying 5 days or longer, a mandatory exit bath($20-$25) will be charged 

Dog food must be brought in either sealable bag or container (NO publix bags)


Kennel food is $2 per meal

Un-neutered males over 1 year will incur $5 extra per night charge

Boarding Prices

per night


effective 6/1/2023


Puppies     $55

(less than 6 months)

Small - Medium Dogs  $40


(multiple dogs, $35 ea)

Large Dogs  $55

(Over 35 lbs)

(multiple dogs, $50 ea)

Mandatory exit baths

(over 5 days)

Small: 20.00

Large: 25.00

(long hair, double coated add 5.00)

Medications (incl. Insulin) can be administered -NO extra charge!

All activities included with boarding 

*Call for extended stay pricing*

General Rules

  1. Dogs must show non-aggression to people . If your dog is dog aggressive, special care can be given and not socialized with other dogs (One-on-one playtime).

  2. Dogs are required to be on flea and tick prevention.

  3. Current on all vaccinations:(Rabies,DHLPP, Bordatella) . No exceptions. We offer the Bordatella vaccine here on premises for $15 for your convenience. The H3N2 (canine flu) is optional but recommended.

  4. Puppies <8 months must have a negative fecal snap test.

  5. Pit Bulls, Staffordshire, and American Bullies are not allowed. MDC Law

  6. Females in heat or coming into heat are not allowed to board. Must be  out of heat at least one week prior to board. Un-neutered males are accepted but will incur extra charge and not engage in social group play

  7. Collars are MANDATORY for your dogs safety. We offer collars for $5.


Reservation Cancellation Policy

Our boarding facility has limited kennels, and especially during high season time we are frequently at 90 - 100% occupancy. When we are at capacity, the lack of space may force us to turn away some clients for boarding. When clients pick up their dogs early, cancel reservations, or change reservations without an appropriate amount of notice (at minimum 48 hours), it is frequently too late for us to fill the kennel space that we reserved for them because the clients that we turned away have already made other arrangements. This causes us to lose a tremendous amount of income because that kennel is then left vacant. Due to the loss of revenue as a result of no shows, untimely cancellations, schedule changes, and early pick ups, we have implemented the following cancellation policies. 


 Holiday/Summer Cancellation Policy

 Holiday/Summer Early Pick ups or Reservation Changes

Clients who reserve a kennel for holidays that do not provide us with a 48 hour notice for early pick ups will be charged for the entire scheduled stay. Also, clients who have to change their reservation times without providing us with a 48 hour notice will be charged for the entire reserved time for any days that the kennel remains vacant. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS. 


We are very sorry that it has become necessary to implement such a strict cancellation policy; however, we cannot continue to encounter loss of revenue do to untimely cancellations, early pick ups, and reservation schedule changes. 

** Policy will go into effect January 1, 2020

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